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Did your pillow is the best choice for your neck and sleep?

Did your pillow is the best choice for your neck and sleep?

December 9,2021

Due to the special structure of our human body, most of us need a pillow to keep the normal physiological curvature of our neck during sleeping, but how to choose a suitable pillow, its a difficult question.As you know the different bend radian of our necks depend on the sleeping positions and sitting position, if you always sleep on a bad position and choosing the wrong height of pillow, you will face the neck pain, headache and back pain for a long time.In fact the higher pillow will badly injury our cervical vertebrae than lower pillow. Some people choose the higher pillow for their daily sleeping while others prefer the lower pillow, when you sleep on a higher pillow and your body is laying flat on the bed, it caused the bad radian of your neck, similar to look down at a book or play your phone for about 8 hours a day. Most of time the higher pillow will also affect the blood circulation for the neck and brain, when insufficient blood and oxygen supply to our brain, you will feel comatose and neck pain in the morning. Your severely snoring may be caused by the higher pillow, if you sleep on the higher pillow, its easily for you to open the mouth when you fall asleep, so the thickness between 10-15cm is the good choice.For different sleeping position people, such as Back Sleeper, Side Sleeper and Stomach Sleeper, we understand that everyone has different preferences on pillows , so the different heights of pillows to could satisfy your daily sleeping or choosing the height adjustable pillow by removing or adding the contents to solve your sleeping problems, these two different kinds of pillow could offer you even your family a good dream.Do not waste the money to the bad designed pillows. The perfect thickness pillow while still being soft enough to cradle you to sleep and align your spine by supporting both your head and neck is the best choice.

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