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Do you feel cool when sleeping with a gel memory foam pillow?

Do you feel cool when sleeping with a gel memory foam pillow?

Dec 28,2021

The gel memory pillow is the latest innovative product. The main material is made of slow rebound material, covered with a layer of gel, so that after the human body enters sleep, it will have a cool feeling. Its function is not to increase human memory. This is because pillows that are often used form the inherent shape of the human head and neck. This kind of pillows produced by different manufacturers have launched their own styles and brands of pillows, giving people a choice. The following provides the facts and details of this wonderful pillow, so that you can better understand the advantages and advantages of the gel memory pillow.


1 Gel memory pillow has a unique appearance, which is very obvious compared to ordinary pillows. The gel in this pillow is crystal-colored water, but it will not leak like a water pillow.

2 Gel memory pillows provide you with the same comfortable experience as water pillows, but provide more support than water pillows.

3 Because the gel memory pillow is made of gel foam material, you will have a very cool feeling, which will further make your sleep more comfortable.

4 The surface of the gel memory pillow is specially designed, and the entire sleeping structure will provide good ventilation. This will help you avoid waking up in your sleep, which is quite a stimulating experience.

5 Although we are all sleeping, there are different pressures that can affect us, and the gel memory pillow can help us relieve stress without disturbing your sleep.


1 Since people have different preferences in their sleeping postures during sleep, and the hardness of this pillow is relatively soft, it may not have the right height, which will affect their sleeping posture, so use gel memory Pillows take time to get used to.

2 The gel memory pillow may have some unpleasant odors when you just started to use it. This problem is also one of the common complaints of users.

3 Pillows filled with polyfiber materials may breed dust mites, which may eventually cause some allergens and affect a person's sleep. These allergens make you sneeze during sleep, so it is best to add hypoallergenic pillowcases to your pillow.


The traditional pillow maintenance method is not introduced much, because its structural design does not conform to human design, long-term use will only cause damage to people’s cervical spine. The main maintenance method is to often wash the pillow cover and often expose the pillow to Drying in the sun;

For the cervical spine health pillow or memory health pillow used by modern people, it is also a common pillow with the most humanized design at the moment. In order to distinguish the difference, I decided to specify its material to prevent different types of health pillows. Also using this method, the maintenance methods for different types of health pillows may be very similar, for the reference of friends.

Pillow material: thermal memory foam, slow rebound memory foam, space pillow;

Maintenance method: Clean the pillow core with a vacuum cleaner or tap the pillow core with your hands every month or so;

Cleaning method: remove the pillowcase and inner sleeve for cleaning, the pillow core is not washable;

Matters needing attention: Pillow cores should not be exposed to the sun or washed in a washing machine like ordinary pillows. Sun or washing will destroy the structure of natural latex pillows and memory foam, greatly shortening their service life. Exposure to the sun causes the memory foam material to age and turn yellow. Washing makes the memory foam very heavy, and the water in the pillow core cannot leak dry.

The maintenance of gel memory pillows is mainly the maintenance of pillow cores and pillowcases. Because gel memory pillows are essentially different from ordinary pillows, conventional maintenance methods cannot be used.