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Is the special cushion for hemorrhoids useful?

Is the special cushion for hemorrhoids useful?

Jan 13,2022
As a person who has been poisoned by hemorrhoids for more than 3 years, the special cushion for hemorrhoids is certainly useful!

However, there are many special cushions on the market. How to choose a special cushion for hemorrhoids that does not pay IQ tax is the top priority.

Sore age 3 years, I bought no less than 10 special cushions, like what anal healing pad, ice pad I've tried, but no doubt I stepped on the pit!

The muggy is still muggy. The hollowing out in the middle also increases the pressure on the back and hips. The ice pad is comfortable for the first time, and then it has no effect, and the design is not in line with ergonomics at all.

I won't repeat the reasons for the formation of hemorrhoids, but how should hemorrhoids star people choose cushions? I have a set of special methods!

1. Good air permeability, otherwise muggy will aggravate pain and burning.

2. The pressure is dispersed and the fit is good, so as not to put pressure on the onset of hemorrhoids.

3. Good support, able to support the hips.

4. Conform to ergonomic design and protect caudal vertebrae.

5. Moderate soft and hard, reduce the pressure of hemorrhoids around the anus and reduce siltation.

According to these points, the most common hemorrhoid cushion in the middle of the market obviously can not meet the requirements. Although it ensures the ventilation of the anus, it actually focuses the pressure of the hips on the anus. Over time, it will aggravate hemorrhoids and affect the lumbar spine.

1、 Good air permeability

This cushion is made of air fiber material, which can keep the ass breathable and dry.

The structure of the design is a bit like cocoon or Longkou vermicelli. The silk thread is wound together, which is full of gaps. It looks very breathable, let alone sit up.

Summer sedentary also do not have to worry about sweating muggy, (PP muggy is easy to aggravate or relapse hemorrhoids), but also reduce the friction to the ass. It's the gospel of hemorrhoids star!

I also bought one in the office. It's so easy to use. Hemorrhoids don't hurt anymore.

2、 Pressure dispersion

We can clearly see that the pineapple zebra hemorrhoid cushion is hollowed out on the whole surface compared with the hollowed out hemorrhoid cushion in the middle.

The section is very flat, which can make the hip and cushion fit together with the largest area, dispersing the pressure of the anus! So as to avoid inducing new hemorrhoids and aggravating the original hemorrhoids.

3、 Good support

Pineapple zebra cushion is worthy of being a highly praised brand. It feels extremely resilient when sitting on it! It has strong support for hips and waist.

So sitting for a long time won't feel back pain and ass pain. I feel that the whole person is supported by elastic materials, full marks for lightness, comfort and decompression~