Custom pillow shape

Customize your fabric

We have more than 200 patents, including appearance patents, utility model patents, etc. Mainly applied in China, Canada, EU, Japan, etc. We also design for our customers, many designs have registered patents by our customers.


Single jersey

Air layer

Bird-eye Mesh

Milk silk



Polar fleece

Custom fillers

One third of a person's life is spent in sleep, sleep directly affects the health and life span of people, choose a comfortable pillow suitable for their own, you can enjoy a comfortable deep sleep, unconsciously help you regulate the health of the body!

PP cotton

Pearl cotton

Broken sponge

Memory cotton


Customize Your Surface Colors

An ideal pillow, the most basic to make the pillow can closely suit the physiological curvature of cervical vertebra, so that the people who work, study and live a day, relieve the fatigue of cervical vertebra muscle and ligament in sleep.

Deep blue






Dark red

Light green

Customize Your Own Brand Logo

Logo is a foreign language abbreviation of logo or trademark, is the abbreviation of Logotype, plays a role in the identification and promotion of the logo owns the company, through the image of the logo can let consumers remember the company's main body and brand culture.

Custom Your Packing

Packaging design covers product container design, product inside and outside packaging design, tag, label design, transport packaging, as well as gift packaging design, carrying bag design is an important factor in product promotion and best-selling.

1. Color Box Design

Style Structure

If you have a special size, please provide your own size.

Color Box Design Material

2. Gift Box Design

3. Accessory Design

Customize Your Pillow
Dessign For Customers Is Our Another Great Advantage, There Are So Many New Patented Designs Was Registered And We Authorized The Patents To Them In Their Native Market.
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